Busty Granny Sherry

Busty Sherry

Busty Granny

This gorgeous busty granny is proud of her body, and so she should be. This chesty grandma looks a lot younger than she exactly is, but to protect her modesty, we will not tell you exactly how old she is.

Busty granny Sherry loves the camera, and clearly the camera loves her. She is one of those women that always seems to have a naughty look in her eye, whether it’s day or night. She is the kind of woman who would look sexy doing the ironing.

She is one of those mature women that just exudes confidence, a confidence that only comes with age and experience. Although she has a lovely smile, and a very pretty face, you just can’t take your eyes of her chest. Here we see her let her magnificent mammaries hang down.

Busty Sherry

Busty Sherry

This big breasted gilf likes to be on top and loves to move around and have her beautiful boobs bouncing around too.  What a lovely thought that is. Can you imagine how much fun it would be to play with this sexy gilf’s fun bags. It wouldn’t take too much imagination, that’s for sure. We bet this sexy busty granny would be fun in so many ways 😉

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Tattooed Granny


Tattooed Granny

This gorgeous granny has a tattoo on the left side of her body demonstrating that tattoos are not just for twenty something women. This horny tattooed granny is all natural down below unlike so many younger women who as the fashion is these days completely shave their pussies. Well this sexy granny has clearly never taken a razor to her muff in her life, and it’s unlikely that she ever will.

This randy granny has almost certainly never applied any wax down below either, but as she is tattooed, it is clear she can cope with a bit of pain, so it’s not a case of pain putting her off waxing her pubes, it’s clearly because she doesn’t want to. What you are looking at here is a sexy tattooed gilf who knows her own mind, and knows what she wants.

It is quite surprising in some ways that this bold spiky haired gilf doesn’t have a clit piercing, or even pierced nipples but she obviously knows what she wants, otherwise she would have done!

There is one thing you can tell just by looking at her face that she would like, and that’s to be eaten out!

If you are interested in hooking up with a horny older woman with a hairy minge, we recommend the rather popular Hairy Granny web site where women of a certain age like their lady gardens to be overgrown rather than trimmed.

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Busty Granny Jayne

Busty Granny Jenny

Busty Granny Jayne

This gorgeous busty granny is desperately seeking a younger man to show her a good time. 64 year old GILF, Jayne, says she is “looking to add some excitement into her life with some no strings fun with younger men”.

Busty granny Jayne has recently come out of a 15 year marriage and is looking to relieve some of the stress she felt going through the divorce. This big boobed granny isn’t looking for anything serious and states she wants to avoid relationships altogether. As a randy grandma she feels she has a lot to offer a younger man in the bedroom stating “I have years of experience when it comes to pleasing men and have tried every fetish going. I’m not scared of trying anything just as long as we both get some pleasure out of it.”

Jayne continues: “I have a very high sex drive and that wasn’t being met by my ex husband, if I’m not having sex at least twice a week then I’m not happy. I don’t really care about a man’s age I just want him to be able to please me in any way imaginable, and he can start to please by playing with my boobs – which I absolutely adore.”

This big breasted gilf also states that she is partial to a bit of anal, and likes it doggy style with her massive melons bouncing around below.  If you are interested in some no strings fun with a horny older woman with big jugs then Jayne could be the perfect GILF for you.

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Randy Granny Glynne

Randy Granny

Randy Granny

Sexy and randy granny Glynne aged 58 is looking for some fun in her spare time via the Date A Granny site.

Married for over 20 years her poor husband was involved in a car accident which left him with various health problems, including an affected libido. Glynne admits that she loves her husband but she knows that he can’t satisfy her sexual desires.

She says “I have a very high sex drive and since my husband’s accident it’s been very hard to deal with the changes from my perspective. I still love my husband very much and will continue to look after him plus he can’t move around much. He appreciates my hunger for sex so he’s welcomed the idea of me having sex with strangers from online dating, and this Granny Dating site seemed perfect for me.”

She continues “This is my first experience with an online dating site for mature women and I have to say it is so far so good. I managed to create my profile, had fun uploading a few naughty photos and have done searches for guys who’s interested in grannies. I have had plenty of randy men get in touch with me too, so I reckon they must be searching for randy grannies, as that’s what I am! I think all in all it’s all harmless fun, but I have been out with three men now, and they have all been perfect gentlemen, so that has been a bonus. When I do go out my husband always makes sure i’m safe….he makes me ring him when I am on my way home. He even once gave me a condom, which is his way of caring for me. ;)”

Glynne’s interests sexaully includes oral, mild bondage and role playing and her favourite sex position is reverse cowgirl. Yes, she sure is one randy granny.

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Naughty Granny Annie

Hot Granny Annie

Annie 54 from Lincolnshire is by day your typical granny but by night she is a different person, as she becomes very naughty. Since becoming a member at the UK Date A Granny site she feels at home and comfortable and knows it is a site where she can go a bit wild sexually and dress up in kinky clothes, and show off her shapely legs.

She says “I love this granny dating site, it’s given me confidence as the men constantly send me compliments on my looks and how hot they think I am. Being on my own I do get lonely so it’s nice to interact with many horny men who prefer mature ladies. Even though i’m old I still have my needs. Yes, this granny has a high sex drive that needs to be satisfied!”

Like Annie there are many golden oldies who are attractive and looking for regular sex or exchange of naughty granny photos. Annie is a good looking granny at just 54 years of age although women as old as 80 have joined up to the site and they get plenty of attention too, as it’s true to say that some men prefer wrinkly grannies. It’s free to join the date a granny site and free to search for a horny granny near you by area, age and build such as desire for a cuddly granny, voluptuous granny, large granny or even larger granny the choice is yours.

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Golden Girls Granny Pants

Granny Pants

Exclusive Granny Pants

The popular TV hit sitcom of the late 1980’s Golden Girls has inspired designer Candice Pugh of Salt Lake City to create underwear based on the Golden Girls characters. Uniquely designed will this underwear make ‘granny panties’ the latest craze. Would you buy a pair? Would you wear a pair?

These granny pants never looked so golden and you can buy thee panies via the Etsy online shop and you need to search for the “BulletsandBees” page which are uniquely hand crafted and show each of the fabulous foursome “The Golden Girls”.

The Golden Girls Cast

The Golden Girls Cast

The popular NBC sitcom Golden Girls ran from 1985-1992 and was a hit series featuring four saucy grannies all living together in Miami. Each new style of underwear not only shows the image of each cast member but also has an individual style based on the character’s personalities too.

Candice’s latest golden creation have made granny panties the all new rage. All these gorgeous granny pants are hand made and made to order priced around $38 to $52 for each pair while a complete pack sells for $160. We are told these granny pants have been very popular with buyers from all around the world.

It has to be said these granny pants are something special, it could be the ideal present for a senior citizens who remembers and appreciates “The Golden Girls” show. While on the subjecxt of gorgeous grannies, maybe you could find your own golden granny to model them at Granny Dating web site.

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Hot Celebrity Grannies

Hot Grandmother Jenny McCarthy

Hot Grandmother Jenny McCarthy

Many grannies of today are sexy, cool, hip, trendy and look more youthful than ever. The days of the grannies with their knitting needles and wool have long since gone!

Jenny McCarthy (pictured above) wife of Jim Carey is a super sexy hottie but what you may not realise is she is a step-grandmother! This super hot former 1994 Playboy playmate is a real celebrity GILF and she knows it and loves saying to anyone who will listen “I rock as the grandma.”

Forget the MILFs it’s sexy GILFs that are now the hottest sensation so let’s check out some hot celebrity grandmothers who let’s face it also rock at being hot grannies.

Tina Knowles

Tina Knowles

Tina Knowles the mother of Beyonce is a really sexy grandmother. Appearing on the cover of Ebony magazine is usually on point when it comes to her fashion and style, and more importantly her hair.

Goldie Hawn

Goldie Hawn

Goldie Hawn is still looking hot at 69 years of age and this sexy mature actress was a hit in the 1980s. That’s over 30 years ago now. She is a true star – a real Hollywood GILF and is idolised by many adoring fans. Hard to believe this superstar actress will be 70 any day now.

Tina Turner

Tina Turner

Tina Turner would be any man’s ultimate hot granny. At 75 she is still hot to trot, with her hit singles such as ‘What’s love got to do with it?’ and ‘Private dancer’ which got many couples get in the mood for passion. This sexy mature lady is certainly a hot GILF and she still regularly struts her stuff and performs in front of thousands of fans. It just goes to show that mature women have certainly got some stamina.

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone is still very much a mature sex symbol and looks hotter than ever at 57 years of age. She is a legendary Hollywood actress and is best known for her leading lady role in the movie Basic Instinct and the famous beaver pussy clip was enough to make any man sweat.

Priscilla Presley

Priscilla Presley

Priscilla Presley is a red-headed GILF. If only Elvis could see Priscilla as a hottie granny now he would be surely rocking in his grave. No doubt money has helped this filthy rich gran to stay youthful looking, but you have to admit she’s a very fit granny!

There are many more celebrity hot grannies but you get the idea that these older women still have the sex appeal and maturity that most men love.

If you liek older women ansd are looking for a horny older woman then check out the ever popular Date A Granny site.

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Sexy GILF Sandra

Sexy Sandra

Sexy GILF Sandra

Sexy granny Sandra 55 loves nothing more than to get dressed up for a night of passion. Single for the past two years, she’s not had much sex at all, but she is now actively looking for plenty of casual encounters with men who like and appreciate the older woman.

Here’s what this horny, randy and super sexy GILF has to say about herself.

“I am 5 feet 5 inches tall. I love to dress for a man by putting on stockings and suspenders with high heels or thigh boots when we go out or when we stay in. I have been told I have nice breasts (34DD) and don’t mind getting them out for a the deserving man.”

“I’m looking for real fun with a big single guy, they have to have a big cock to gain my interest.”

“I’m looking for fun and excitement, lots of chat at first as I like to get to know a person to see where it takes us and then who knows. Don’t be shy come and chat.”

Sandra likes oral sex big time, both receiving and giving. She likes saucy email and chat and is keen on it quickly leading to a discreet relationship.

So there you go guys, don’t be shy. Come and search for sexy grannies like Sandra who look great for their age, you wil find that are quite literally thousnads signed up at the ever popular Date A Granny site, and they’re not all lookig for big cocks! DOn’t be shy, give it a try!

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Granny Escorts

Sheila the eldest and most expensive escort

Sheila the eldest and most expensive escort

Naturally when you think of escorts you think of young female model types on the arms of business men, or of girls who have fallen on hard times and are looking for a way to earn money; or you think of frustrated guys who are looking for kinkiness they can’t find at home.

However, according to a recent TV programme, it is the mature segment of the market – what are termed granny escorts – that is in popular demand. A documentary was aired on Channel 4 showing exactly what these horny grannies get up to and the day in the life of a granny escort. The oldest granny escort featured on the programme was Sheila and she is 84 years old.

The programme showed there is very much a market for the mature lady, and the older the better as far as many men are concerned.

This documentary caused controversy and quite frankly eye-watering exploration of sex with these horny older women. Sheila says “I really have no inhibitions” an approach which extended to showing the maker of the documentary Russell some of her raunchy home-made sex tapes. This randy granny escort went on to openly talk about water sports, which had nothing to do with windsurfing or sailing.

These granny escorts clearly enjoy sex – that is one of the reasons why they do it. Their clients ranged from men aged in their 20s to their 50s. Prostitution for the pacemaker generation is clearly not for the faint-hearted, but the documentary certainly showed that these sex obsessed grannies are having a good time.

Althought there are no escorts at the popular Date A Granny site, there are certainly plenty of naughty grannies of all ages to search for. Please do remember though that there are no fees involved with any of the members on the site.

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Hot GILF Jill

Sexy Granny Jill aged 60 years old is one hell of a horny gran and she is eager to find a man or even a group of people to fulfil her sexual desires. Wearing black lingerie and suspenders randy gran Jill has one thing on her mind, so let’s find out more about what she is looking for.

Gilf Jill

Gilf Jill

“I’m Jill, turning 60 soon and looking to make new friends, maybe with a bit more. My husband is older and has lost his desire, but I feel like I’d still like to have some fun!”

“Maybe it’s time to try a few things now I’ve decided to take the plunge, so please don’t be shy to suggest anything new and naughty!”

Jill is here for saucy email or chat, casual encounters, threesomes, lesbian sessions and one night stands. Her interests include watching porn, swinging parties, oral – receiving, oral – giving, anal, mutual play, orgies and, ahem, water sports.

To get in touch with this horny gilf, just click on her photo to get in touch.

If you fancy being with a naughty granny just like Jill then you should sign up for free to the Date A Granny site where you can search for a sexy granny by area, age, body shape, and interests. Rest assured it’s easy to find a hot gran who fits your preference.

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