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Sheila the eldest and most expensive escort

Sheila the eldest and most expensive escort

Naturally when you think of escorts you think of young female model types on the arms of business men, or of girls who have fallen on hard times and are looking for a way to earn money; or you think of frustrated guys who are looking for kinkiness they can’t find at home.

However, according to a recent TV programme, it is the mature segment of the market – what are termed granny escorts – that is in popular demand. A documentary was aired on Channel 4 showing exactly what these horny grannies get up to and the day in the life of a granny escort. The oldest granny escort featured on the programme was Sheila and she is 84 years old.

The programme showed there is very much a market for the mature lady, and the older the better as far as many men are concerned.

This documentary caused controversy and quite frankly eye-watering exploration of sex with these horny older women. Sheila says “I really have no inhibitions” an approach which extended to showing the maker of the documentary Russell some of her raunchy home-made sex tapes. This randy granny escort went on to openly talk about water sports, which had nothing to do with windsurfing or sailing.

These granny escorts clearly enjoy sex – that is one of the reasons why they do it. Their clients ranged from men aged in their 20s to their 50s. Prostitution for the pacemaker generation is clearly not for the faint-hearted, but the documentary certainly showed that these sex obsessed grannies are having a good time.

Althought there are no escorts at the popular Date A Granny site, there are certainly plenty of naughty grannies of all ages to search for. Please do remember though that there are no fees involved with any of the members on the site.

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