Randy Granny Needs Loving

Randy Granny

Randy Granny

This gorgeous randy granny is on the look out for a randy old guy to share some good times with. This busty randy granny is proud of her body and needs someone to appreciate her and as she says “I need some loving. I need some fun. I need someone to run their hands all over me.”

This big boobed randy granny isn’t just looking for casual sex though, she wants a man who would be happy taking her out in the evening, and with the promise of some regular bedroom action. This randy granny knows she has a lot to offer a randy man in many ways stating “Sex is important to me. I don’t want to be with a man just for companionship, and to chat about families and the neighbours; what make me happy is not idle chat, or idleness in all its forms come to think of it; I want to be fulfilled in other ways. I have many years of experience and I think I know how to please a man.”

She continues: “I have a very high sex drive and I need to be satisfied. It may sound unusual for a woman of my age to be saying these things, but I feel if I don’t say what I want, I won’t get it, and I will end up disappointed. I thus have to be true to myself and come clean and say that I love the feel of a man’s hands on my body. I am not too fussed about the looks of a guy, or whether he is a fantastic lover. I don’t really care too much about a man’s height or whether he has lost his hair or not, what I care about is someone who doesn’t take himself too seriously and is able to have fun in the bedroom, and is prepared to experiment in that area. I need a new lover, and he can start to please me by running his hands over my lower body, and well we will see what happens from there.”

This sassy randy gilf sure knows what she wants, and she also tells us that she likes to be on top.  If you are interested in some no strings fun with a horny older woman, then this randy beauty could be the perfect GILF for you. The easiest way to check out randy grannies on the look out for a man is by visiting the wonderful Date A Granny web site.

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5 Responses to Randy Granny Needs Loving

  1. Sorent says:

    Very charming ..
    I want to shove my tongue in your ass hole..

  2. Mike says:

    Hello You are very sexy. Would love to give you a lap dance and have our nude bodies rub all over each other.

  3. nicholas ruggiero says:

    1 would love to meet/meat your meat sitting on my hairy italian/polish chest leg’s wide open with my lip’s kissing your pussy lip’s tongue flicking, licking your clit and more until you shake, moan, quiver, explode all your cum, juices, down my throat moaning, shaking, begging for more more more love your hot pussy and more

  4. robin says:

    ide like to meet randy where does she live robin

  5. Ted says:

    I want you to suck my cocktail while I lick your clitoris then fuck you for hours.

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