Saucy Sandy, 53

Sexy Sandy, 53 from Surrey is certainly saucy and you will soon see that she’s a naughty girl looking for a naughty boy with a huge cock. So let’s find out more about this saucy granny has to say….

Saucy Sandy

Saucy Sandy

“I am a tall, smart, attractive, kind, slim gentle lady with green eyes and long blond hair with a smile that lights up my face and yours.

“You, are an intelligent, romantic, kind, sensual, tactile man with a great sense of humour and a wonderful passion for love, laughter and life. My body’s a temple and I’m looking for somebody to worship it. I am a naughty girl seeking that elusive naughty boy.

“We, have mutual interests that include some of the following:- nice smells, romantic candlelight dinners, travel, good food & wine. My preference is for men over 6ft with a well built body (that does not mean muscular), a hairy chest and hair around his cock which would be 8/9 inches long.

“I’m on this site because I want to have fun, but if the right person came along I would be keen to pursue. I haven’t met many men that can keep my attention span so I was hoping there is a fun guy out there who can meet my match.”

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I'm a naughty nanny who just loves to share saucy stories with my readers.
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    I like it

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    Contact me granny on +233502001113

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    Hi you are so beautiful

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    What a sexy woman

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