Sex Toys for Granny

Granny may want something sexy in her stocking this Christmas this year — as a range of sex toys for the elderly has just been launched.


Pass me the lube, love

Do you remember the days when granny was sat by the fire knitting away jumpers and scarves for the grand children and baking cakes. Well, those days have long gone as grannies these days are up for a bit of kinky fun with sex toys! Yes, don’t be shocked they have given up the knitting needles and replaced them with dildos and handcuffs.

A recent launch of sex toys from manufacturers Desire and Pleasure (part of the sexual health charity Family Planning Association) have been designed and aimed at the elderly to enhance their sex life in their golden years. With devices like remote-controlled vibrators, compact penis pumps and slow speed dildos, they hope to help randy grandads and grandmas get a new lease of life in the bedroom.

Naikita Halil, director of information at the Family Planning Association said “We did some research a couple of years ago on older people and the changing nature of their relationships. There seems to be a particular focus towards younger people in this industry, but you don’t get to 50 and just stop having sex. As a charity we want to promote healthy happy sex life for everyone”

Date a Granny member Steph, 62, knows once you get to a certain age, it doesn’t mean your sex life stops. She makes it known in her profile that she likes dressing up in kinky outfits and she says she could give some spring chickens a run for their money. Now she has some new toys to play with, she will be unstoppable.

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