Why date a Granny?

When you buy a house it’s all about ‘location, location, location’. When dating a Granny it’s ‘experience, experience, experience.’

A Glamorous Granny

Who’d have thought there would be a need for granny dating websites?

Well, when you reach a certain age in life – and that can vary quite a lot – you get to the point where you have absolutely nothing to lose and stuff what people think.  Your inhibitions have dropped and years of sexual tension can be released. Generally, sexy grannies have been in one long term relationship in their lives and have had very few sexual partners.

However, most of these older women would have been in their twenties during the era of free love and sexual freedom of the 1970s. Having had the taste of that freedom they then marry and bring up a family – stifling their sexual energy.  They often have had years of frustration, as happens in marriage, sex tends to take a back seat. So it’s sex in the back seat in the 1970s and 2012 sex in the back seat again, except they are not there!

Have you noticed that in pubs, clubs and other social gatherings, the sexual comments and innuendo mainly come from women over retirement age? Indeed the wildest women at a Dream Boys or Chippendales concert are the ones stuffing their bus passes into bulging thongs, hoping for a quick fondle at the same time.

A Granny, more than likely, will have lost their long term life partner, with her kids grown up and left home. Now living in a more tolerant and liberal society – she feels it’s time to seek sex for sex sake. If it was a man, he would be a ‘dirty old man’ and shunned, but it is different for a woman, she’s classified as ‘feisty’ or ‘a game old girl’.

So let’s hear it for those liberated women, those gorgeous women, who want to share their experience as well as gaining new ones. Let’s hear it for those lovely Grannies who spit in the eye of age and say ‘I’m sexy – come and get me – if you dare!’

That, guys, is an invitation you cannot refuse. So go online to a granny dating site and learn something new from those beautiful, bountiful golden girls.


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